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Грани русской песни - концерт в Лондоне в пятницу

Dimensions of Russian Song at Pushkin House – Грани Русской Песни
По-русски читайте ниже
5a Bloomsbury Square
WC1A 2TA London

A double bill of two leading professionals of Russian song living in the UK


Polina Proutskova and Polina Skovoroda-Shepherd
Challenge your understanding of Russian culture and experience old and new Russian music with two world class performers. Immerse yourself into history and the current day of the Russian village with Polina Proutskova (voice) and hear the voice of the modern city with Polina Skovoroda-Shepherd (voice, piano). The audience will be invited to join in a song and delve deeper into their singing nature.
This will be a launch for The UK Russian Folklore and Choral Society “LADA”.Polina Proutskova – a researcher and a performer of Russian traditional singing. Polina put Russian village music on the map in Western Europe, as a founder and a director of Germany’s first Russian traditional vocal ensemble Polynushka. Polynushka won the German Music Critics Prize and called forth a whole Russian folklore subculture in Berlin, attracting people of all ages and nationalities. Polina mixed Russian traditional songs with jazz, drum&bass and electronic music in “ETO_X”; she represented Russian spiritual folk music in “Musical Dialogue of Religions”. Now in London, Polina is active as a voice scientist and a vocal coach.
http://www.proutskova.de/Polina Skovoroda-Shepherd grew up in a home where songs were frequently sung at table after eating borsht and drinking homemade wine. Her grandfather, a veteran of the second war played bayan (button accordion) and her mother, a professional singer would often sing for hours while Polina listened with the hungry ears of a child, learning deeply rooted traditions throughout her childhood years. Now she is a highly experienced workshop leader and performer. Since moving to the UK, she has toured and taught internationally. www.polinashepherd.co.uk

Концерт “Грани русской песни” впервые представит  Британское Русское Фольклорно-Хоровое Общество – это проект, объединяющий двух лидирующих профессионалов в области русской песни в Великобритании.Полина Пруцкова, основатель проекта, пропагандирует и изучает русский фольклор много лет, ездит в фольклорные экспедиции по деревням России, работает в музыкальных архивах по всему миру. Руководитель берлинского фольклорного ансамбля “Полынушка”, завоевавшего Приз Немецкой Музыкальной Критики. Её коллега Полиной Шеперд, певица, композитор и хоровой руководитель с многолетним стажем, уже 10 лет активно работает в Великобритании и представляет русскую песню в семинарах по Европе и миру.

В концерте прозвучит фольклор, оригинальные обработки народных песен, композиции солисток  – соло и дуэтом две Полины представят разнобразную, разностилевую, многогранную русскую программу, расширяя горизонты общего представления о том, что есть русская песня. Бонус – несколько песен вместе с публикой.

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